For release on March 2, 2013

Mar 02, 2013 / CAS News

Continental Advisory Services, LLC (“CAS”), is proud to announce its collaboration with The Queen’s Work Inc. (“QWI”) d/b/a East Ridge. With roots in New York State since the early 1960’s, East Ridge has provided recovery support and resources based on the Twelve Steps and Four Absolutes of the original program of Alcoholics Anonymous extended to all addicts and all addictions. Mr. Yahiayan has assumed the role of acting COO and Co-Head of Special Projects of QWI.

Over the past ten years Mr. Yahiayan has served on the advisory boards at The Lebanese American University, New York University, and NYIT. Mr. Yahiayan has recently been elected to the Board of Trustees at The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, and was previously a Trustee at the Down Town Association in NYC.

The Queen’s Work, Inc. (“QWI”) is a religious organization incorporated in the State of New York in 1972 with no denominational affiliation or formal hierarchical structure. QWI’s and East Ridge’s primary mission is addiction recovery, extended to all addicts and all addictions, and incorporated into all aspects of daily life. This is achieved nationally and internationally though the publication of literature, a monthly print and online newsletter, multi-media outreach projects, and service headquarters support of groups around the world. On a local level East Ridge operates a recovery and retreat center, school, and farm which serve as a laboratory for living a sane and sober life and learning to grow along spiritual lines, using the principles of the All Addicts Anonymous program.

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