For release on June 17, 2016

Jun 17, 2016 / CAS News

Continental Advisory Services, LLC (“CAS”) and Urban Logistic Services, CJSC (“ULS”) are pleased to announce their joint venture: Urban Logistic Advisory Services (“ULAS”) with the aim to support both Armenian and International companies in their trade with Armenia. The goal is to have a global network, and the first office has been opened in the World Trade Center. From there a combined team will facilitate Armenian-US business relationships. CAS is a leading accredited investment and advisory firm with North American and international finance expertise. ULS is the premier 3 party logistics provider in the Caucasus with already more than 100 clients.

The global reach and industry expertise of CAS and ULS, combined in ULAS will deliver an exceptional suite of capabilities for any companies and investors which want to develop their business in their respective countries.

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