Algeo Press Release

Nov 07, 2018 / CAS News

August 14, 2018

Continental Advisory Services, LLC (CAS), its subsidiary
CASEurAsia, and ALGEO Inc. are pleased to announce their
partnership in implementing its proprietary AV E-Learning

ALGEO Inc, is a global leader in delivery of technology and
Engaged AV Training which implements a solution to address a
strong need for building technical talent. Mr. Karnik Minassian,
the CEO of ALGEO Inc. is well established in the IT industry
with over 30 years expertise in all areas of technology delivering
mission-critical applications and global transformation solutions
for MNE’s such as Moody’s, KPMG, JPMC, Deutsche Bank,
and BNY Mellon. Mr. Minassian earned his Master’s Degree in
Electrical Engineering from Pratt Institute.

CAS and ALGEO with over 50 years of combined expertise are
rolling out it’s focused approach to engage AV learning across
multiple regions of the world. The combined methodology
augments the knowledge level of the individual to meet STEM
requirements and prepare a dynamic global workforce.

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