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Who We Are

CAS is not a firm for the mass market. Instead, we work with accredited investors, institutional, and high net worth individuals. We are accredited investors ourselves and licensed real estate brokers (NY) who provide unbiased financial advice in Southampton, NY. Bringing a global perspective and expertise to each of our engagements, we have earned a reputation for thinking outside the box to identify hidden opportunities.

Why Continental Advisory Services?

Founded in March 2002, Continental Advisory Services, LLC (CAS) is an accredited investment firm that provides unbiased financial expertise to institutions, corporations, partnerships, governments, and accredited investors. CAS focuses primarily on these industries:
– Oil, Gas, and Alternative Energy
– IT/Telecom
– Health Care
– Capital Equipment
– Financial Services & Risk Management
– Real Estate Capital Markets and Sales
– Professional Services/A&E

At CAS, our colleagues not only stand behind their recommendations but are willing to take equity stakes as part of compensation. It is this level of commitment to our counsel that has made CAS a sought-after investment firm by institutions, corporations, partnerships, governments, high-net-worth individuals and other accredited investors who appreciate an uncommon quality in today’s financial community: honest, unbiased expertise.

Continental Advisory Services has an exceptional group of talented associates.

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